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DCS Faculty Presented Papers in NCITE 2013

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Marianne Ang, Jelly Aureus, and Adrian Pajarillo presented their respective research papers, which they co-authored with their advisers, during the 11th National Conference on IT Education (NCITE 2013) held in Villa Paraiso Resort, Camiguin last October 24 to 26, 2013. Allan Sioson co-authored a paper with Ronel Simon of Naga College Foundation and their paper was also presented in the same conference. NCITE 2013 is organized by the Philippine Society of IT Educators, Inc.

Marianne Ang, Vladimir Mariano and Tina Lina Villanueva. Color and Shape Analysis for Imaged-based Detection and Characterization of Skin Lesion [ Abstract: Digital image analysis is a widely used tool in classifying objects under certain classes or categories in the form of digital images. This paper presents a description of a system for detecting and characterizing lesion features such as color and shape of skin lesions; and a discussion of the results of using it to help dermatologist in describing skin images, that will contribute for the accuracy in diagnosis of the skin diseases. An 80% lesion detection, 80% shape analysis and 70% color analysis were concluded after system evaluation. ]

Jelly Aureus and Andrei Coronel. Modifying the K-Medoid Algorithm to Improve Gene Expression Data Clustering Using Biological Homogeneity Index (BHI) and Biological Stability Index (BSI) [ Abstract: This study centers on the application and comparison of the results of k-medoid clustering algorithm and four modified versions of the algorithm to a set of gene expression data. Both Euclidean and Pearson correlation were used as similarity metric. The results were also compared to a k-means result from a prior research. The data set is comprised of gene expression prole of 258 signicant genes based on their 11 dimensional expression proles over four normal and seven ductal carcinoma in situ samples of breast cancer patients. The objective of this research is to compare the different clustering strategies using Biological Homogeneity Index (BHI) and Biological Stability Index (BSI). ]

Adrian Leo Pajarillo and Proceso Fernandez. Pair Sharing Partition Flash Code [ Abstract: A new flash code is proposed in this paper called Pair Sharing Partition Flash Code (PSPFC). This non-slice-based flash code uses partitions wherein each represents two bit index values in a data. It is shown that the proposed flash code has a worst-case write deciency of n(q-1)-(q-1)(n/(k-2))-1 where n is the number of cells per block, q is the number of states a cell can be in, and k is the number of bits. The asymptotic worst-case write deficiency of PSPFC is O(nq). PSPFC also competes relatively well with other existing flash codes on the average-case, measured through computer simulation. A variation of PSPFC was also developed which improved the write deficiency of the original when there are a number of unused cells resulting from n not being a multiple of k. ]

Ronel Simon and Allan Sioson. Document Management in a Small CollegeAbstract: In this paper, we present DocumentHub, a system that addresses the need to manage documents of the Human Resource Management Office of Naga College Foundation, a Higher Educational institution in Naga City, Region V. Valuable written and printed documents occupy most of the office space of the school. Critical employee files earned over the last sixty-five years had already reached to more than five hundred thousand sheets. The amount of information causes problem in information retrieval, thus affecting other office processes and operations. KnowledgeBase allows conversion of paper documents to PDF and capture appropriate metadata about the document to allow fast and efficient document retrieval. ]